Considering Moving to LA?

Are you considering picking up and moving out to Los Angeles? If you are, I highly encourage it. LA is one of the most fascinating cities I’ve ever lived in, and the weather coupled with the people and culture make it a true paradise for those who love to get out and experience the world.

So why do I like it?

First of all, the weather is awesome. Now, I’m not saying LA doesn’t have seasons and it is perfectly temporal all the time, because it isn’t. But the winters are fairly mild, and about 300 days out of the year are comprised of not-too-hot sunshine.

The people are great, too. Tons of people come to LA in search of a dream, and oftentimes you will meet likeminded individuals that will help you in your journey as much as you will end up helping them. In all, I think that this is a great place for younger people to come to, as it is rich with culture and nightlife.

More on all of this later though. For now, time for bed. See You in the next post!