Different Ways to Clean a Carpet At Home

Cleaning your carpet at home may be one of the most common DIY exercises you will always enjoy doing. However, you can make things easier for you by understanding the different ways to carry out perfect DIY carpet cleaning through our experts. The major things that make the difference are the items you do the cleaning with. They determine how easy the process will be and the expected outcome.

According this company that specialize inĀ carpet cleaning Sacramento, there are lots of inexpensive items that you can use to clean your carpet by yourself. Many of them may be in your home already, while some could be picked from the nearest shop around you.

Carpet Brush and Elbow Grease

You can start by making use of a carpet brush. With this, you can easily remove dust, soil and some other pollutants from the carpet. This will involve kneeling down and scrubbing your carpet with some elbow grease. After agitating the affected area with the brush, you can vacuum clean around so that dirt and pollutants that you brought up as you cleaned may be collected and disposed. You can make this a weekly affair to achieve a constantly neat and healthy carpet.

Baking Soda

You can also clean the carpet manually with your baking soda. This is one of the cheap and environmentally friendly substances to use in carpet cleaning. This works against stains and odors too. You can just sprinkle the soda on the stain and work it with your brush. So, you can use baking soda both for baking and cleaning.

Homemade Solution

You can also clean your area rug with hand. In this case, you should vacuum it for loose stains first, and then use a cleaning solution that involves a cup of vinegar, two cups of water and 2 tablespoonful of table salt. Mix these in a small bowl and then and dip a brush into it. Collect a substantial amount with the brush and scrub the rug with it. After this, rinse thoroughly with clean water and dry with a dry clean towel or a squeegee. This gets rid of excess water from the rug.

Cleaning of Carpet on the Stairs

Cleaning the carpet on the stairs is very essential because it is the area that gets stained easily. It is difficult to get a commercial carpet cleaner that can clean this area because of the space available. So, you have to do this with hand. You can buy a cheap carpet cleaner or make your solution with hot water and vinegar. Pour this into a spray bottle and also add salt and lavender oil. Shake this well and use it with a stiff brush to scrub the carpet on the stairs. Work from the top to bottom and the effect will be nice.