History of Limousines

Most people think that limousines have been around for a few decades. But fact is, limousines date back to at least two hundred years. The first limousines were not like the ones we see now. When they first arrived, few people had any idea that these vehicles would evolve in such a dramatic way.

The word limousine is derived from the French town Limoges in the Limousin region. The early limos were covered like the hooded cloaks looking like the cloaks the residents of the town wore. Those early limos were horse drawn carriages and of course they did not have many amenities.

Related to wealth and fame

In the 1700s, wealthy people used covered horse drawn carriages. A chauffeur, seated outside the carriage, was protected by only a cloak called limousine. This history of limousines is tied to wealthy and famous people, because the users of these vehicles were considered well off. Of course, in those times, common people did not have an option to hire a limousine and, though times have changed, limos are still synonymous with Hollywood stars.

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Motorized limousines

In 1902, when the first motorized limousines were born, these vehicles had two separate compartments. The driver still had to sit on the outside. His compartment was not covered. The job of the driver was a rough one, because he had to deal with the elements.

The stretch limo was not born until 1928. Then the Armbruster Company decided to make a stretch limo. The standard was set by two bands—Glen Miller and The Benny Goodman Orchestra. Limos were quiet popular by the 1930s. Later on, they became almost an integral part of American life. Now not only wealthy people but also just about anybody can think of hiring a limo.

Bigger limousines

Since then, limousines have grown in popularity. Wealthy people, actors and celebrities like these vehicles. In the sixties and seventies, limos stretched further. By the 1980s limos stretched as much as 54 inches became common. In the 1990s, limos got larger and added many modern amenities. Spacious interior and luxurious features made them very popular. Audio, video, lighting and phones are now common features of a limousine. American Dream limo has recently added incredible features like a helicopter pad and swimming pool.

The history continues

With every new innovation, limousines are becoming more and more luxurious. Over the several hundred years, limos have come a long way. Many companies are trying to create unique limos with amazing features. Limos are getting larger, and numerous amenities are being added every year. To provide great services, companies are always trying to catch up with the recent trends. Paying a close attention to the phenomenon reveals that history is always being created.