Gynecomastia Surgery Information

Gynecomastia has become one of the biggest issues in most men, but thankfully male breast reduction is one of the most effective treatments for it. This is a cosmetic surgery that removes excess glandular tissue and fat in order to bring back the male breast to a firmer, flatter and overall more masculine appearance in the chest. With an estimated 50% of American men suffering some kind of gynecomastia during their life, the surgery can be easily done on both younger men and adults alike.

Although losing weight can reduce the appearance of breasts, often there is an excess of glandular tissue that has to be dealt with. Currently, the only consistent treatment that can get long-lasting results, surgery helps out most men feel comfortable with their body afterward.

While one of the simplest cosmetic surgeries, excellent results require excellent skill, that comes only from years of training and experience. Take the time looking for the correct cosmetic surgeon that will perform the procedure in a correct manner and achieve the results that you want. 

There are three important factors to take into account while searching for the correct surgeon: skill and experience, board certification in cosmetic surgery, and feeling comfortable with your surgeon. The second is perhaps the one that requires a bit of explanation, given that the others are easy enough to understand. The ABCS certifies surgeons in all areas of cosmetic surgery, which means you’ll get a more detailed and complete operation. Secondly, all certified surgeons perform at accredited surgery centers, meaning the place will also be completely safe and appropriately licensed.

While there are many gyno surgery options liposuction is one of the most common methods, and thanks to advancement in its technology a wider array of less invasive techniques are available for surgeons. Equally important is the skill of the surgeon, who must be familiar with the operation and has experience about male breast reduction. Performed with anesthesia, a small incision is made in order to remove the excess glandular tissue and fat, while at the same time building the new contour for the chest that will look as natural as possible.

Severe cases may require tissue excision in order to obtain the most optimal results. For patients that have stretched and saggy skin around the breasts, this will usually be the approach required for best results. Through this method, a greater amount of tissue can be removed than through just liposuction. Using general anesthesia, the incision usually depends more on the amount of surgery needed, and the body’s natural creases. For this operation, the recovery process is similar to that of liposuction.